Friday, April 19, 2019

“Because I never. . . .”

“Because I never. . . .” Never what? Never took notes in class?

Oh, wait:

And now it’s been four hours. A . . . long time between tweets. Maybe they’ve taken his phone.

And talk about angry, and talk about conflicted. No collusion, no obstruction, he says, but, he also says, it’s all the work of “Angry Democrat Trump Haters.” He fully cooperated, he says, but, he also says, he never agreed to testify. Donald Trump gives new covfefe to the word incoherence.

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Daughter Number Three said...

Wow. What a sociopath. And I really do wonder about the capitalization - what do you think it means to him? Is it an affectation, or his inner German coming out?

Michael Leddy said...

Because it takes a peculiar kind of effort, I think it’s calculated. I think it’s partly a matter of tweaking the “elites” (people who can spell?). Thus when Twitter and late-night hosts mock his spelling and dot-dot-dot, some members of the so-called base can say, Well, I don’t write that good either.