Saturday, December 23, 2017

NPR, sheesh

Heard yesterday on All Things Considered: “You crafted this movie from scratch.”

As I wrote in a 2015 post, “When everything from poems to pot to munchies is crafted, it’s time to say vogue word and move on.”

Better: “You wrote and directed this movie.”

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Fresca said...

Variation on your blog header:
Orange Crate Art

Elaine said...

Some regard quilting as a craft (as in, not an art.). I can't be bothered to bristle at the wording, but my guess is that if something is useful rather than merely decorative, it earns the 'lesser' designation.

Michael Leddy said...

My only objection is to the verb, when it begins to apply to everything.

Medieval tapestries were both useful and decorative, no? Insulation! I’d think of any tapestry or quilt as a form of art.