Sunday, December 17, 2017

NPR on Hallmark Movies

Today’s Weekend Edition Sunday has a segment on Hallmark Christmas movies. Linda Holmes and Lulu Garcia-Navarro are fans, even as they acknowledge that Hallmark’s unreality is utterly heteronormative and nearly all-white.

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Frex said...

But they're so Hygge-esque!

Actual word I saw today at a textile website:
"As our homes become increasingly Hygge-esque, we turn to the work of [textile designer so-and-so]."
(Why capitalized?)

Are these Hallmark movies streaming somewhere? You make me want to try one. (Caveat emptor...)

Michael Leddy said...

You can find some at YouTube. Look for hallmark christmas movie. A Bramble House Christmas is, uhh, bram-new and thoroughly sickening. Enjoy!

Frex said...

Thanks--I watched 3:31 minutes, felt I got the gist of it, which I'm glad of
---it's like a masterclass in Hyggeness!

Michael Leddy said...

It sounds like you know your limits. Too much might make you revolt against the hygge — nothing but fluorescent lights and ice water. :)

Slywy said...

I watched the promotional bit for it and wondered if its aim was to entice viewers or completely turn them off. If the latter, SUCCESS.

Michael Leddy said...

I just watched the preview, and I have to say — it’s not nearly as awful as the movie.

Frex said...

I can see the appeal of these movies though---just a matter of what hits the spot.