Thursday, December 7, 2017

Imaginary local news

“Well, they don’t call it FALL for nothing. Leaves this week continue to ‘fall’ from area trees. The small colorful objects have been spotted on lawns, sidewalks, and streets in many communities. Experts say this trend will continue for some time, followed by — you guessed it — the white stuff. And Jack here is going to tell us when we can expect the first of that white stuff.” Segue to weather.

[This post started as one sentence in a letter to a friend.]

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johannes said...

Very droll.
It's more often called autumn on this side of the Atlantic which is a lovely word, but the local news item would not be much different. It might be : "The Americans call it FALL for a reason...."
But now it is most definitely winter and there is plenty of the white stuff...
Happy festive season to you Michael. I don't often comment but I always enjoy reading your blog.

Michael Leddy said...

Thank you, Johannes, and the same to you. Hearing from someone who’s reading always makes me happy. “Autumn” is a beautiful word, esp. in “The Wild Swans at Coole” and the tune “Early Autumn.” So far only flurries here.