Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Bully for Woolly

A short New Yorker piece, “Disruption Spreads to the Nightstand,” describes a new product from the mattress company Casper: Woolly, “a magazine that embraces the hunger for hygge and covers the bedtime beat.”

I thought I was reading a spoof, but no, Woolly is real. The first issue contains, among other things, a feature on sweatpants comfort pants and an “Adulting Coloring Book.” A picture caption: “I flossed!”

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Frex said...

Hygge is the new black.
I just saw the word used in an ad for... was it Target? Some big store, anyway.

Frex said...

(Also, adult babies...)

Frex said...

(Though I doubt Target would use them in marketing.)

Done with my comment(s) now. :)

Michael Leddy said...

We’re really in Infinite Jest territory here, though this magazine seems beyond satire.

Fresca said...

"Beyond satire"--that seems to describe this whole era perfectly.
The real news reads like The Onion.