Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The frightening truth that they don’t want you to know about sardines

[Field & Stream, June 1977.]

Yes, sardines are addictive. Street names: bait, Moroccan greys, Norwegian kings. I scored four cans of kings last night, on sale, two for five.

This post is for Matt Thomas, who seems to be intent on developing a sardine habit.

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Matt Thomas said...

Thank you. Got a tin of King Oscar sardines in my kitchen right now, actually. And I'm trying, yes. I figure there are worse habits.

The Crow said...

(Posting from work - still can't from home.)

You mentioned dabs of BBQ sauce in a previous post. I dearly love chipotle sauce on almost anything, so I'm looking for KO sardines for dinner tonight, to be eaten with dabs of (or perhaps even smothered in) chipotle pepper sauce. I'll let you know how it goes.

Oooooh! Fish taco made with sardines! Yeah, that's the ticket!

Michael Leddy said...

Matt, there are much worse habits than sardines.

Martha, I suspect chipotle sauce would be great. (They do make non-skinless, non-boneless sardines in all kinds of peppery sauces. With fish tacos, I’d think of the fish as much lighter in taste than sardines. But who knows? I never would have imagined barbecue sauce.

Frex said...

[Fresca here.]
My young friend Marz brought home a can of sardines (boneless, skinless, in olive oil, from Morocco)the other day.
"Have you been reading Orange Crate Art?" I asked her.
"No, Starsky eats them for breakfast."

This is a reference to her new fandom, the '70s's cop bromance show "Starsky & Hutch". Starsky's eating habits (candy bars, pastrami) are a running joke, but I thought sardines for breakfast were pretty healthy.

Michael Leddy said...

They are. And many varieties of fish would agree. I think that show is on one of the rerun channels here. I missed it the first time around.