Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sardine moose

[Field & Stream, November 1976. Click for a larger view.]

I could do without the hunting. But I like the idea of carrying around four or five cans of sardines. Is that For Hunters Only?

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[The lunch hour approaches.]

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Marzek said...

I like the can -- I'd forgotten about those key-type openers! In college, I was quite partial to "kipper snacks" (smoked herring: the tinned fish gateway drug), though a local store stocked these Portuguese sardines that came in a key-opener tin. Packed in olive oil, with a hot pepper, slice of carrot, onion -- not much, just a bit of flavor & garnish.
In the house I shared, a few of us made home-brew. To celebrate opening a new batch, a friend went out for snacks & came back with an insane assortment of tinned seafood: kippers, smoked oysters, eel, and sardines in mustard, tomato sauce, and hot sauce. Haven't seen the latter since.
Oh -- creamed herring in a glass jar. Haven't seen that out here on the West Coast.
Thanks, btw, for previous mentions of skinless / boneless sardines. I've always bought the ones with skin & bones, until Thursday. What a revelation! Lighter and less fishy, but sardine-y all the same. Made a salad of arugula & red onion, dashes of balsamic vinegar & olive oil, sardines on top. With good bread an tomato soup, a meal that will be repeated!

Michael Leddy said...

Good grief — I just had lunch and now I’m hungry again. : )

Sardines in the various sauces are pretty common here (downstate Illinois), but they’re always with skin and bones.

Matt Thomas said...

This post has me thinking about making a Trader Joe's sardine run. I can't tall you how happy it makes me that sardines are quickly becoming a recurring feature on this blog.

Michael Leddy said...

Good grief again: that’s what I just had for lunch.

I’m not sure how many more sardine posts I have in me, but I’ll try. The more I post about sardines, the more I want to eat them. And they are good for ya. (And they’re not cheese — my great weakness.)

Slywy said...

No, don't tell me there are no more tins with keys!

Slywy said...

The moose looks like he wants to share the hunter's sardines.

Michael Leddy said...

I remember at least one disaster with a stubborn can, and key, and a screwdriver for leverage. I miss the keys only in theory.

That moose is pretty plaintive. I would guess that the illustrator, too, could have done without hunting.

Elaine said...

Hand up for loving sardines. Skinless and boneless? Only for faint hearts! I eat the whole thing, the way you're s'posed to....
How about an anchovy post if you run low on sardine material?