Friday, March 27, 2015

A movie theater in the movies

[The Culver. From Tension (1949, dir. John Berry).]

[The Kirk Douglas Theatre. From Google Maps, 2015. Click either image for a larger view.]

Elaine and I gave a little leap when we watched Tension again last night. We know this theater. In 1949, it was the Culver. Today, it’s the Kirk Douglas Theatre. We heard the Culver City Symphony there in 2014. Hearing the Symphony is a Thing to Do in Los Angeles.

I still want to track down the location of the drugstore in Tension, which I think must be the best drugstore in the movies. A street sign, barely legible in one street scene, looks as if might read Something Alexandria Avenue . North? South? East? West? Must investigate further.


3:46 p.m.: Having traveled N. and S. Alexandria via Google Maps, I don’t think any trace remains of that drugstore.


May 29, 2018: The drugstore stood at the southwest corner of W. 6th Street and S. Alexandria Avenue in Los Angeles.

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Slywy said...

To me, it looks more majestic in black and white than in color.