Monday, August 31, 2009

A Mad Men sort of man, sort of

This man has been around for a while. The “Common Sense” Traveler’s Expense Book in which he stars has a 1989 calendar on its back cover and a 1970 copyright. The hat and overcoat and the line per day for telephone and telegram expenses suggest perhaps a still earlier origin.

In 2009, this wayfaring stranger is still making his way, still working for Beach Publishing Co., still with an automobile growing from his arm. His grandfather worked for Beach too. Grandson is now hoping for a small role in Mad Men.

What? There are no small roles? Only small actors? Then he’s your man, less than 2.5 inches tall. It’d be easy to find a place for him.

I found this “Common Sense” Traveler’s Expense Book some years ago in a stationery store, long after the 1989 calendar on the back cover was past its expiration date.

[This post is the sixth in an occasional series, “From the Museum of Supplies.” The museum is imaginary. The supplies are real. Supplies is my word, and has become my family’s word, for all manner of stationery items.]

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