Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mad Men yourself

You too can do the bidding of our retro overlords by turning yourself into a Mad Men person.

This image is a compromise: the beard color’s a tad optimistic, but hairwise, things look better than they do here.

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[I didn’t say much better.]

Update: Elaine is now a Mad Woman.

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your daughter Rachel said...

I saw this picture last night, but now it's not loading...?

Michael Leddy said...

Hi kiddo. I messed up, but it’s there now.

daughter said...

It looks so much like you!

Elaine Fine said...

Yup. It's you.

Michael Leddy said...

Fun for the whole family!

Both y'alls daughter rachel said...

Yes, Mom, I saw yours too! You both done good.

I've made 3 attempts at "Mad Menning" myself, but nothing looks quite right.

Michael Leddy said...

Oh well. Maybe we can have a family gallery.