Saturday, August 15, 2009


[Updated July 8, 2010: see below.]

Lately, we’ve been getting mysterious telephone calls from “CNG” at 702–554–1465. These calls have given us useful practice speaking into a void, repeatedly. Who is CNG?

Google 702–554–1465 and you might wonder for a moment if you've met up with the telephonic equivalent of a numbers station. Other people report odd calls from this number, with no one on the other end and a constant busy signal when they try to return the calls. The number can be tracked to Searchlight, Nevada. How’s that for a cornily mysterious location?

But tonight, CNG spoke to us at last, asking if we wanted to subscribe to a nearby city’s paper. So CNG would be a call center (and my guess is that N is for Newspaper). Now the question becomes how to get off the list.

[Update, August 22, 2009: 702–554–1465 is serviced by Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. Pac-West’s number is 1–800–511–9048. When I called, I was told that Pac-West would send CNG an e-mail asking that my number be removed.

After getting yet another call, I called the paper and spoke to someone who knew nothing about Searchlight, Nevada, but who promised to look into these calls. Today I received a call from “Mobility Services” in Elkhart, Indiana. I was told that the calls are part of an eight-week promotion for 185 newspapers. I asked that my number be removed from the list. My best advice: call your local or nearly local paper(s), describe what’s happening, and ask that your number be removed.

Update, August 29, 2009: No more calls from CNG.]

[Update, July 8, 2010: A reader has passed on a name, telephone number, and e-mail address to which complaints should be directed. I’m uneasy about putting anyone’s name and e-mail address online. But here are the companies in this telemarketing venture:

Crossfire Newspaper Group: 888–852–7923
Jones Boys of Las Vegas: 702–732–4212

Thanks, reader.]

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creaky knees said...

Thank you I just recevied a call from that number. Now I know why I don't want to answer.

Anonymous said...

Oh great, the local newspaper AGAIN! Schmuchs don't know the meaning of NO. On a Sunday morning while I am busy with more important thoughts, too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this information. I just got a call from that number with the 'void' this mornoing, Sunday, Mother's Day! This being May 2010, maybe that 'eight-week' promotion was a little longer. Or they're now trying to sell something else.

Anonymous said...

I don't clean fish or house-break puppies anymore. I no longer have a need for the newspaper in the 21st Century of online news. They should stop calling us when we tell them we don't need or want their trite, over-priced nonsense anymore.

Anonymous said...

This number keeps calling my house also at times when my father is sleeping! He works third shift (4pm-3:30am) why the heck are they calling my house to begin with, im registering this number with the DO NOT CALL LIST from the government website, I am sick of my number being solicited to these types who call at 10AM more then likely waking my father up, and people dont understand the meaning of NO! jeez people are stupid and inconsiderate of others.