Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Country, country, or country

Some localites have expressed unhappiness with the variety of musical entertainment offered at summer events. What displeases them is not a lack of variety; rather, they feel that there is too much variety, too many different kinds of music filling the air and ears. One letter to the newspaper suggests that event organizers allow the public to vote on entertainment: “For example three choices of country music.”

Good grief. Even Bob’s Country Bunker (in The Blues Brothers) has both kinds of music, country and western. I have nothing against either. I’m just amused by this localite’s idea of choice.

And I love the word localite, which I picked up from Stephen Calt’s biographies of Skip James and Charlie Patton. I’m happy to get to use it in this post.

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Your Daughter Rachel said...

That ish is outta control. I took a look at the comments on the letter, too. My goodness.

Michael Leddy said...

R.L., I thought that you’d be just fine with country, country, or country. : )