Friday, August 7, 2009

Windows 7?

Many, many Microsoft XP users have resisted Vista. But perhaps they will move to Windows 7, coming in October?

Microsoft’s chart Upgrading your PC to Windows 7 doesn’t seem to offer much encouragement. As John Gruber says, “That’s a lot of blue boxes.” All upgrades from XP require a “Custom Install.” For some users, that will mean installing Windows 7 on a separate drive or partition to create a multi-boot system. Most users though will want a single operating system on an unpartitioned hard drive. They’ll need to do a clean install — backing up files and settings, wiping the drive, installing Windows 7, reinstalling programs, restoring settings, and moving back all files.

But first, they’ll need to decide which version of Windows 7 to purchase: Home Premium? Professional? Ultimate? Cool Mint?

At which point, they might decide that if there’s a move to make, it’s to a Mac.

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