Tuesday, August 11, 2009

“Editor’s Lament”

The news of prisoners plagiarizing poems prompted Geo-B to comment via a poem of his own. I’ve added it to my previous post, but this poem should have a room of its own:

Editor’s Lament

Whose words these are I think I know
He’s not from cell block seven though
I heard it might be Bobby Frost
Who’s doing time up on death row.

We’re publishing a prison mag
With poems and stories in the bag
It’s “Prose and Cons,” so aptly named
Yet this seems pilfered as a gag.

I’ve read it someplace else I think
But I have plenty time to do
And miles to go before I fink
And miles to go before I fink.
Thanks, George!

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Thom said...

"No spitting." I hope this doesn't include the coffee I just spit all over my keyboard. This poem is a scream.