Thursday, September 29, 2022

HCR’s latest

Heather Cox Richardson’s latest installment of Letters from an American pulls together many kinds of news: about Hurricane Ian, the role of the federal government in responding to disaster, income disparity, culture wars, authoritarianism, the Russian war against Ukraine, Roger Stone’s machinations, the defeated former president’s document cache, and food insecurity and hunger.

Reading HCR is so much better than watching television-news people standing in a hurricane or its aftermath.

[I counted three on NBC Nightly News last night: two reporters in the storm, Lester Holt in its aftermath.)

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Fresca said...

I never knew of HCR--perhaps you've linked to her but I never followed--I just signed up to do so. Looks good---Thanks!

Michael Leddy said...

She teaches history at Boston College. And she’s providing a great public service, nearly every day.