Thursday, September 22, 2022

Eva and Miriam

[Click for a larger view.]

It came as a jolt, even if it shouldn’t have, to see our friend Eva Mozes Kor for a split-second in the final episode of Ken Burns’s The U.S. and the Holocaust. Eva and her sister Miriam appear in this footage shot after the liberation of Auschwitz. In the screenshot above, from the brief excerpt that appears in the Burns documentary, Eva and Miriam Mozes (later Miriam Mozes Zeiger) are at the far left, with Eva to the right of her sister. The two survived because they were twins.

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Fresca said...

Oh, the children.
This is almost impossibly painful to take in. (And yet we're still putting kids in cages...)
Blessings to your friend, Eva.

Michael Leddy said...

The ways in which history is repeating itself are everywhere in this documentary. (They began working on it in 2015.)