Friday, September 2, 2022

Forty-three folders

[From the detailed inventory of things found at Mar-a-Lago.]

I am late to the game, having been bopping around all day, but I’d still like to note the sheer weirdness of seeing “43 Empty Folders” in the inventory of things found at Mar-a-Lago. As anyone who has read David Allen’s Getting Things Done knows, “forty-three folders” is a thing, an element in Allen’s practice of productivity: twelve folders for the months of the year, thirty-one folders for the days of the current month. Allen doesn’t say anything though about what to do with classified materials.

Merlin Mann’s long-dormant website 43 Folders was a key resource for fans of GTD, “inbox zero,” and the Hipster PDA (index cards held together with a binder clip).

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[The inventory lists a total of forty-eight empty folders with “CLASSIFIED” banners. Full disclosure: I have never attempted to use forty-three folders to organize things. I need many more.]

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