Tuesday, January 4, 2022


“Created by a software engineer in Brooklyn for his partner”: The New York Times has the story behind Wordle. And here’s the game. Fortunately, it’s only one play a day.

I wondered about the name: wasn’t there a website for creating a cloud of words, a “wordle,” from a chunk of text? Like this? Or this? Yes, but it’s gone.

Thanks, Ben.

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Anonymous said...

I remember a website that you could use to create one of those clouds. I wonder if wordles are one of those trends that is on the way out. But here are some alternatives to try: https://monkeylearn.com/blog/wordle/

How about the banished words of 2022 : https://www.lssu.edu/traditions/banishedwords/

The one i love is "you're on mute." As someone remarked 2 years in on video calls and people can't find the unmute button. It's not like it changes every time you get on a call. And it's not limited to older people........


Michael Leddy said...

Yes, the original was Wordle (wordle.net). I didn’t know there are now others — thanks.

That list: I wince at 3 and 4. I’ve used “No worries” now and then — I think it can serve a good purpose as reassurance. In fambly communications I sometimes like ‘No worries if not” as a joke

I’ve never been on mute. : )

Elaine said...

Got it in three. Are there longer words at times?

Michael Leddy said...

The Times article says it’s always five.