Thursday, December 16, 2010

The twelve days of Christmas

[Concept by Ben Leddy. Click for a larger view.]

My son Ben made this Wordle from the words to “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” It’d make a great card, no?

For all those stuck in the twelve days of exam week (well, it feels like twelve days), the end is near.

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Pete said...

Fantastic. I'd definitely buy a box of cards.

Ben said...

Thanks! -Ben

normann said...

Exam week is an aspect of teaching that I do not miss. In Norway, non-book translators have a completely different busy season (February through May), when annual reports and financial statements have to be translated. It's nice to have a less than hectic December.

Ben's graphic looks nice, by the way, and I congratulate him on his color scheme.

Other Elaine said...

I had never noticed how bird-heavy that song is! How nice. (I'm a fan. Was trying to identify a particular duck out at the lake, but the little rascal kept diving every time I got the binocs trained on him.) Really neat work!