Monday, January 31, 2022

Pluto Water and Vitabrush

It so happens that my favorite comic strips sometimes require footnotes. In today’s Zippy, Dizzy Plutowater resigns from his old life: “I’m now Troy Schlitz and I work night shift at th’ Vitabrush factory over in Kenosha.”

[Life, May 13, 1940.]

[Life, February 9, 1942. Click either image for a larger view.]

As Zippy might say, “Yow!”

Louis Armstrong was a devotee of Pluto Water before switching over to Swiss Kriss. Some details here. And dig the caption for this photograph of Armstrong: “His pluto water [sic] has brought him back to top shape.”

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[“The bald-headed row”? It’s an idiom.]

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Anonymous said...

here's an old ad

Michael Leddy said...

Plus the Hippodrome! (As in On the Town.)