Monday, January 10, 2022

How to improve sleeping

I was writing a review of a book of Vivian Maier’s photographs:

What these photographs have in common is — no, that’s no good.

These photographs share — that’s much better.

This post can’t count as a “How to improve writing” post, as those posts are about public prose, and this partial sentence is from the dream world. Yes, I was improving a sentence in a dream.

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Geo-B said...

It's a precarious line: now, if you write about something quirky (Is that a Bartlett's in David Brooks's background?), the reader might wonder, wait, is this one of his dreams?

Michael Leddy said...

I have the proof about Brooks. : )

I always signal a dream post with a Pinboard link at the end, but I do like recounting a dream without a preface, since what’s happening does seem real while I’m dreaming.