Sunday, April 11, 2021

“It’s pathetic”

Here’s an anonymous resident of Villa Grove, Illinois, quoted in the Chicago Sun Times. She’s speaking of life in the town where a bar opening in February 2021 was linked to forty-six cases of COVID-19 and a two-week-long school closing. You can easily figure out why she chose to be anonymous:

“They don’t check to see how many people are in businesses. There are no mask mandates. When restaurants and bars were supposed to be closed except for pickup, there were still several that were open like there was nothing going on,” she said. “There’s hardly anywhere that mandates masks. It’s pathetic.”
That’s the meaning of “freedom” in downstate Illinois.

And that’s my airing of grievances for the day.

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[Says the bar’s owner, “We don’t want Chicago telling us what to do.” The state capital is Springfield.]

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