Saturday, September 5, 2020

Today’s Saturday Stumper

Today’s Newsday Saturday Stumper is by Anna Stiga, or Stan Again, the puzzle’s editor Stan Newman. Not an especially difficult puzzle, but a satisfying one, with some surprising content. I believe the technical term for such a puzzle is “crunchy.”

Clues and answers I found to like:

4-D, eight letters, “Venerable wind instruments.” A novel answer, at least in my experience. Crunch. I have one of these instruments but never thought it venerable until now.

12-D, seven letters, “Oscar winner portraying Romeo.” I dunno — Olivier? Crunch.

16-A, six letters, “Slip stream?” The answer seems to be showing up often in crosswords these days. But this clue makes it new.

29-A, four letters, “Assumed name's assumed name.” I find this kind of clue a bit painful, but I have to admit that the phrasing is clever.

33-A, four letters, “Farewell interrupter.” I take inordinate glee in having seen this answer straight off.

37-A, nine letters, “It can roll down while rolling.” A little awkward, as it isn’t rolling, but clever.

38-D, seven letters, “Orajel alternative.” I haven’t thought of this stuff in years. Crunch.

44-D, six letters, “They’ve come a long way in anime.” Okay, that’s cute.

51-D, five letters, “It's often between 23C and 23D.” There must be more to the number 23 than I know. No, wait — 23 is just misdirection.

60-A, six letters, “Whom Rocky named his restaurant for.” Bullwinkle? Gideon? Magill? Oops, wrong Rockies. Easy to guess, but still crunchy, I’d say, and a surprise, at least for me, to learn that Rocky had (or has?) a restaurant. I’ve seen about five minutes of anything Balboa.

Yo, no spoilers: the answers are in the comments.

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Michael Leddy said...




ADRIAN. (Gideon and Magill go with Rocky Raccoon.)

shallnot said...

At work I’m the crossword “cleanup hitter”. Her’s the clue. here are the letters we have. What’s the answer? Hmm... How about CAROLUS MAGNUS?

With seed letters I’d have got OCARINAS not because of “venerable”. To most people I expect they are the opposite of venerable.

Ocarina trivia time. What mid-1960s anthemic song has an ocarina solo in the break?

Answer (in ROT13): Jvyq Guvat ol Gur Gebttf to decode.


Michael Leddy said...

That one has me stumped — I’ve got nothing but recorders and alto flutes and no title that fits. I will wait and see if anything comes to mind before decoding.

Michael Leddy said...

Wow! — I had no idea it was an ocarina. Thanks for a fun bit of musical lore.