Monday, September 28, 2020

Margie King in 1959

It’s smart to recheck names in the IMDb, as new info gets added now and then. Checking yesterday, I found that our late friend Margie King Barab (then Margie King) appeared in an episode of Naked City. How did that happen?

[“One to Get Lost” (February 10, 1959). Click any image for a larger view.]

The hatted man (Kent Smith) appears to have his eye on Margie, but his real purpose is to wait for the elevator to clear out so that he can confront the operator (Lawrence Tierney). Margie has one line in this scene: “Five, please.” Her name doesn’t appear in the closing credits. But someone, somewhere, has added to the IMDb the names of the uncredited actors from this episode.

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[In 1959, Margie was Margie King, married to Alexander King (d. 1965). In 1972 she married Seymour Barab.]

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