Friday, September 11, 2020

Another time and place

[Massimo Vignelli, a detail from the New York City Subway Diagram. 2008. From The Vignelli Canon (2010).]

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Elaine said...

For years I kept my map of the London Underground. First day in many European cities: learn the transportation system! I think Munich and London had the most intricate ones. (I've never been to Paris. Or Moscow. Or Tokyo.) Toronto has a lovely system. DC and NYC are daunting, IMHO.

Michael Leddy said...

You may already know: there are books of transit maps, really beautiful to look at. I have a NYC map (poster-size) on a door and a fold-up Vignelli map. I find NYC weirdly easy to understand, but that may be because I’ve used only parts of it. I find the escalators in DC (or in at least a DC station) daunting.