Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Goodbye to old Nancy

The limited run of Ernie Bushmiller Nancy strips available from GoComics appears to be no more. August 31, 2020, also known as April 21, 1955, was the last new/old strip. The reruns ended with Spike knocking out Sluggo again.

“In two minutes I’ll be flat on my back again as usual,” Sluggo says to himself. Could that be a comment on the nature of reruns themselves?

And Nancy is nowhere to be seen in this (apparently) final rerun. Could that be a comment on the disappearance of the strip itself from GoComics’s offerings?

No, and no. I doubt that anyone at GoComics was overthinking it.

A diehard Nancy fan will have to be content with Fantagraphics three volumes of Nancy, only one of which appears to be in print.


Don’t forget (as I did this morning) Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden’s How to Read “Nancy.”


September 7: Nancy is back.

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E. said...

Hello, Michael:

You're probably familiar with this -- it was expanded into a book 2-3 years ago -- but always worth reisiting. The parsing of a single strip is brilliant, imo:

Michael Leddy said...

I don’t know where my reply to your comment went, E. (It’s the general danger of trying to comment by phone.) Thanks for the reminder — I’m a fan of that PDF and the book that followed (which turns up in a couple of posts), and I added a link to this post.