Thursday, September 24, 2020

Clear images in the new Blogger

Two versions of a passage from Julio Ramón Ribeyro’s story “The Substitute Teacher”:

I don’t know how to explain what’s going on, but here’s what I do to get a sharp image in the new Blogger:

~ To take into account my Mac’s Retina display, I upload an image at least twice as large as what I want to display. The images above are 772 × 612 pixels. For Size, I choose Original. For Alignment, None.

~ In Blogger’s Compose view, I resize the image to Large. I don’t really want Large; I just want numbers for width and height that I can modify.

~ I switch to HTML view and change the code for the image. Here’s where things get tedious. I remove all the <div></div> stuff that now accompanies an image. I change the value for padding: 1em to padding: 0em. I remove text-align: center;, while thinking it strange that Blogger centers even when I’ve chosen no alignment.

~ And here’s where things get really tedious. In the URL for the original image, I change s0 to s1600. In the URL for the resized image, I change the values for width and height to the ones I want (here, 386 × 306). And in the URL for the resized image, I change w400-h-317 (Blogger’s dimensions for a Large image) to s1600.

I’ve exaggerated the difficulty, really: after getting the hang of it, I find that this editing takes very little time. The best way to figure it out is to upload an image or two, follow these directions, and practice.

The first, blurry image above is how Blogger does it. The second is how I do it. The difference is, uhh, clear.

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Slywy said...

I like WordPress quite a bit. I didn't when the new block function didn't work, but then discovered it was broken by some ancient plug-ins.

Michael Leddy said...

I’ll have to learn what block function is. My HTML knowledge is held together with duct tape.

The Crow said...

"My HTML knowledge is held together with duct tape," so wrote Michael.

Huh! Mine is decades old cellophane tape!

The Crow said...

On another matter related to my technology deficit, do you know how to disengage the redirect function in Blogger? That aggravating function showed up over the weekend and I'm at a loss how to get rid of it.

Michael Leddy said...

Do you mean the HTTPS redirect? You can turn that off in Settings. (But HTTPS is good.)

Other than that, I don’t know what redirect would be about. You could try asking in the Blogger Help Community, as it’s called.

Slywy said...

They're a WordPress thing. I wish someone would fix the Flickr one that worked, then didn't (but I was proud I found a workaround).

Michael Leddy said...

Just a glance makes me happier about Blogger. :)