Saturday, September 12, 2020

Shut up and carry on

From The Chronicle of Higher Education :

A tenured faculty member at Juniata College, in Pennsylvania, is facing censure after writing a comment on Facebook critical of his institution’s reopening plans in light of the pandemic.

Administrators at the college placed a letter of reprimand in Douglas A. Stiffler’s personnel file after he wrote that “as the result of Juniata’s decision to hold classes in person, it is quite possible that people who come on to Juniata’s campus will die, as will people in town. That is what is at stake.”
Stiffler was cited for “not exercising the restraint and respect expected of faculty.”

See also, from McSweeney’s , “Our Successful Return to Campus: An Update from Your University President.”

[Even free articles from the Chronicle now require a reader to register and disable adblocking. Sigh.]

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Daughter Number Three said...

Where are the cancel culture police when you need them?

Michael Leddy said...


And where are his colleagues, at least the tenured ones?