Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Debate advice

I will quote a piece of advice that I offered in 2008:

The best choice for watching a presidential or vice-presidential debate is C-SPAN. Why? C-SPAN’s continuous split-screen lets you see both participants at all times, allowing for all sorts of observations about body language and facial expression.
I trust the split-screen view will be available once again in 2020.


8:55 p.m.: And I trust that you have the beverages of your choice on hand.


9:29 p.m.: “If we get the votes, it’s gonna be all over”: the best thing I’ve heard all night, from Joe Biden.


9:39 p.m: Elaine: “This has been an or-fucking-deal.”

Is shitshow one word or two? One. Trump* tonight reminded me of the asshole who sits in the back of a classroom and makes snarky, vicious remarks, one after another after another. Throw him out.

See 8:55 p.m.: And perhaps a sandwich.

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