Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Separated at birth

[Claude Akins and Simon Oakland.]

Slywy suggested a separated-at-birth pairing of the actors Claude Akins and Simon Oakland. There’s a strong resemblance, made stronger still by search engines that return pictures of the one in a search for the other. The above pairing is the best I could do. I turned the Akins photo to black and white and cropped an Oakland photo to match.

Also separated at birth
Nicholson Baker and Lawrence Ferlinghetti : Bérénice Bejo and Paula Beer : Ted Berrigan and C. Everett Koop : David Bowie and Karl Held : Victor Buono and Dan Seymour : Ernie Bushmiller and Red Rodney : John Davis Chandler and Steve Buscemi : Ray Collins and Mississippi John Hurt : Broderick Crawford and Vladimir Nabokov : Ted Cruz and Joe McCarthy : Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Gough : Henry Daniell and Anthony Wiener : Jacques Derrida, Peter Falk, and William Hopper : Charles Grassley and Abraham Jebediah Simpson II : Elaine Hansen (of Davey and Goliath) and Blanche Lincoln : Barbara Hale and Vivien Leigh : Harriet Sansom Harris and Phoebe Nicholls : Steven Isserlis and Pat Metheny : Colonel Wilhelm Klink and Rudy Giuliani : Ton Koopman and Oliver Sacks : Steve Lacy and Myron McCormick : Don Lake and Andrew Tombes : William H. Macy and Michael A. Monahan : Fredric March and Tobey Maguire : Jean Renoir and Steve Wozniak : Molly Ringwald and Victoria Zinny

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Slywy said...

I just saw this post. The resemblance was strong when they were younger (like Oakland on Bonanza). It also took me looking up the name after the Bonanza episode to realize Oakland was Kolchak's crabby editor on The Night Stalker.

Michael Leddy said...

Looking for pictures of these two made my head spin a little — who’s who? I like how they appear and reappear in series after series.

Slywy said...

I like that Oakland went from concert violinist to regular tough guy. Well, "like" is not the right word.

Michael Leddy said...

Usually it’s the other way around. :)