Friday, October 21, 2016


Any resemblance to actual #TrumpBookReport tweets is purely coincidental. These are my fake tweets:

Such bad generals- whatever happened to the element of surprise? Oh wait- it wasn't invented yet.


And btw- I was AGAINST the war in Troy.


10 yrs to get home? I don't think so. Look at a map!


Illegal immigration, a very old problem. We must build a wall.


And btw- NO ONE had more respect for women than Aenus. Didoh- WAY too attached.


Like the week I spent talking about Miss Universe, it's not coming back. It's a stupid search. LOSER!
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[It’s too easy, so I’ve stopped with six. I’ve followed Donald Trump’s habit of using dumb quotation marks (here, apostrophes). And in Trump fashion, a hyphen followed by a space substitutes for a dash. How would Donald Trump spell Aeneas and Dido ? Your guess is as good as mine.]

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