Monday, October 10, 2016

Duce redux

In 2016 the helmet is made of hair.

I said in a letter to a friend today that Donald Trump has reinvented American presidential politics as neo-fascist entertainment. It is for anyone to just say no , as loudly and as often as possible.

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Daughter Number Three said...

I keep thinking about the 20 percent or so who really are Trump supporters (rather than Republicans who are going along). What can anyone do to work with them to change their warped perspective?

I am related to more than one of them, so this is real for me beyond the effect on our country.

Michael Leddy said...

I heard someone use the phrase “the post-fact era.” When everyon’s entitled to their own truth-claims, evidence-free, we’re in a mess.

Anonymous said...

It is more of a mess than the snapshots in the press may note. Consider a liberal opinion about a neocon escaping proper attention because the circus is in town.

The "effect on the country" seems to some to be that we don't notice that the US has been at war now for fourteen or more years, and in many more locations since Obama was elected. Sachs' view should be better understood, before one forgets that more than two candidates are running, an impression the Trump machine and the "war" machine want us to believe.

We are indeed in a mess. The way out is clear to some, unclear to others.

Slywy said...

Reminds me of an anecdote in the book on millennials that I read (and didn't like much): A journalist who's spent 10+ years in the Middle East is teaching a class, which tells him that their individual opinions are as valid as his decade of on-the-spot experience.

Michael Leddy said...

Anon., I share your dismay about a Clinton presidency. If you’ve followed OCA for any length of time, you know that I have found the prospect of voting for Clinton unthinkable. But I am far more dismayed by the prospect of Trump. If I thought that voting for anyone but Clinton would help to prevent a Trump presidency, I would. We will have to agree to disagree.

Diane: to quote one of the students in Lionel Trilling’s story, “But that is what I feel .”