Monday, October 10, 2016

From an old notebook

“The next number will be ‘I’m in the Mood for Love,’ sung by a member of the Eagles Club.”


“Chases Dirt” — motto of Old Dutch Cleanser, in poem by Ted Berrigan, “Smashed Ashcan Lid.”


I am only a jolly storyteller and have nothing to do with politics or schemes and my only plan is the old Chinese Way of the Tao: “avoid the authorities.”

Jack Kerouac, “Biographical Resume, Fall 1957,” in Heaven & Other Poems (Bolinas, CA: Grey Fox Press, 1977).

skyscraper, air port
faded metaphors

Sky Harbor
name of an airport somewhere, acc. to Norman

From the same notebook
Beauty and the Beast and kid talk
John Ashbery and Kenneth Koch

[From February 1992. The club member was — who else? — Alfalfa. The Ted Berrigan poem is here. Sky Harbor International Airport is in Phoenix, Arizona. Hi, Norman!]

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