Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Height of stupidity

[Mark Trail , October 11, 2016.]

Mark Trail has come to an uninhabited island to meet up with the USDA’s Abbey Powell and look for red imported fire ants. Mark has come by helicopter. His pilot, Theodore “TC” Calvin, is waiting now on this very island. From the September 26 strip:

“Look, Mark, I brought you out here, but I’m not ready to go searching through the jungle looking for ants . . . I’ll wait here at the helicopter!”
Did you catch that last sentence? We know that Mark did, because he replied, “Okay, Cal, we shouldn’t be gone too long!”

So with an at-the-ready helicopter to take Mark and Abbey around the island, Mark chooses to endanger his life and hers by crossing the ravine. Mark has confirmed that the log bridge (is it really a bridge, Mark?) is, as Abbey feared, “a little shaky.” What next?

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