Tuesday, October 11, 2016

From an old notebook

“Every worldly bed is an imperfect copy of the Ideal Bed.”
— Plato, as summarized in a textbook


“She had some kind of magic something.”
— From a documentary on Shirley Temple


“Don’t expect me to get involved in this vulgar circus,” the designer, Constantine Raitzey, shouted. “I quit!”
— From review of a book of Thomas Hoving, New York Times Book Review , January 3, 1993

“I’m meditating the bitter wisdom
of the philosopher and poet.”


You can lead a horse to water
but a pencil must be lead.
— Stan Laurel

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[Stan Laurel did say that.]

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The Crow said...

"Vulgar Circus", perfect title for Trump's unauthorized biography - or for this election, for that matter.

Michael Leddy said...

Yeah, I’m seeing everything through an election lens too.