Friday, October 28, 2016

Hem and haw and Lois

[Hi and Lois , October 28, 2016. Click for a larger view.]

I like the way the perspective changes to match the dialogue (left to right). I like, too, the way Lois’s frontal curl shifts from the right side of her head to the left. Magic? Not really. The image, I’m almost certain, has been flipped, curl and all.

But what first caught my attention in today’s strip is “hemming and hawing.” Jeepers, maybe Chip will find his way to an Orange Crate Art post about that very expression. Is his connection strong enough to break the fourth wall?


11:25 a.m.: I played around with the Mac Preview app’s Flip Horizontal and the Alpha tool. Yes, Lois has been flipped.

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Unknown said...

I have the original file and actually Lois isn't flipped. I guess I'm just that good, lol. If you look closely you'll notice a couple differences in the sleeves and the line that outlines her hair. That is by far the hardest line to control and draw correctly. I see that you make occasional comments about that strip. Thanks for being a reader. I have been ghosting the strip for 7 years now and feel like I've made some improvements in my drawing since I started. No one hates more than me the discrepancies you sometimes point out between panels. When you do strip after strip they sometimes start to run together and it becomes hard to catch the little things. Again, thanks for looking!

Eric Reaves

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks for commenting, Eric. I know there are slight differences between the two images: my skepticism might result from reading Mark Trail, in which the same image is used again and again with slight changes. I believe you when you say that the image isn’t flipped. But what’s going on with Lois’s curl? Did something happen in the interstice? :)

Unknown said...

That's interesting that you would mention Mark Trail. The late comics editor at King Features, Jay Kennedy had actually talked to me briefly before his passing about someday working on Mark Trail. I would have loved that but wouldn't have been able to make a living at it because the strip doesn't make much (pretty small circulation). I'm guessing whomever they got to do the work now does as much as they possibly can to save time in order to make doing the strip worth the pay. A sad truth. Thanks for reading the comics and making comments. Keep us on our toes and I will keep working to get that hair flip just right! Toonfully, Eric

Michael Leddy said...

It’s a deal. :)