Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A spelling of the future

[As seen in print.]

A spelling of the future, as I’ve defined it: “a misspelling so strange that it must be traveling backward in time to give us a foretaste of our language’s evolution.” Feels eerie, even.

Eary is indeed a word, now obsolete: “producing or bearing ears (of wheat or other cereal)” (Oxford English Dictionary ). So perhaps eary for eerie has been traveling forward in time, a spelling of the future past.

This post is beginning to make my head hurt.

Other spellings of the future
Aww : Bard-wired fence : Bud : Now : Off : Our : Poke-a-dots : Self-confidance : Where

[At some point spelling it the way it sounds (absolutely appropriate for young writers) should give way to looking it up and spelling it as it’s spelled.]

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