Thursday, April 7, 2016

NPR, sheesh

“Both her and Bernie Sanders broke essentially evenly . . .”

“The remains . . . is reuniting a family . . .”

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Berit said...

That first about the disrepair of candidates made me laugh out loud!

Surely, these specimens can't be pulled from a written presentation? Somehow, I want them to be the slightly more off-the-cuff spoken presentation in origin. I feel a magnanimous desire to excuse some of my "how could they?!"

Michael Leddy said...

The second must have been written: it was an announcement of an upcoming story. The first, I’m not sure. It was from an NPR reporter, answering a host’s question. Everyone makes mistakes (I’m always catching myself in casual conversation putting singular and plural words together), but “Both her and Bernie Sanders” is remarkably bad, I think, for someone on the radio.