Thursday, April 14, 2016

The shadow of an angry Bert

It’s just the shadow of a lamp on paneling. But when I noticed it the other day, it looked like the shadow of an angry Bert. Perhaps he was after someone who was messing with his paper-clip collection. Watch out, Ernie.

[Watching Don’t Look Now (dir. Nicolas Roeg, 1973) makes everything scary.]

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Chris said...

I have mixed feelings about Don't Look Now. Like a lot of Donald Sutherland vehicles (for whatever reason), it seems dated and overwrought at times, but you can't argue with that ending. Comparing it to something like The Last Wave, which was made just a few years later and makes use of some similar psychic mumbo-jumbo, I think the latter holds up a lot better.

Michael Leddy said...

I found the relationship stuff awkward and the sex scene almost funny (so dated). But elsewhere it has that ability to make the plainest reality feel like doom. I’ve never seen The Last Wave — I’ll put it on the list.