Friday, April 1, 2016


Earlier this week, a Hillary Clinton spokesman told reporters that Bernie Sanders would campaign “like a Brooklynite,” while Clinton would campaign “like a senator.”

Sanders’s comment on what it might mean to campaign like a “Brooklynite”:

“I haven’t the vaguest idea, to tell you the truth, but I do know I was born in Brooklyn, my wife was born in Brooklyn — we’re very proud of that. And if it means being aggressive, if it means being smart, if it means being tough, I accept that title.”
The Clinton campaign keeps thinking of new ways to lose this Brooklynite’s vote in a general election.

[I’ve repunctuated the Sanders comment to do a better job of it than Fox News did. Clinton campaign headquarters: 1 Pierrepont Plaza, Brooklyn, New York.]

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Frex said...

Starsky is from Brooklyn. Campaign like Starsky, Bernie.