Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bruce Rauner: “an epic F”

The Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn gives Illinois’s governor Bruce Rauner “an epic F” at midterm:

Illinois still doesn’t have — and at this rate probably never will have — a budget for the fiscal year that began last July, which has put many human service providers and public colleges and universities into a financial crisis.

Now, yes, it’s quite true that Rauner didn’t create the underlying economic problems facing Illinois — those came about due to decades of irresponsible governance, some of it bipartisan, much of it Democratic.

But he’s made those problems worse.

He campaigned for office promising to “shake up Springfield.” Instead he has cold-cocked it.
Eric Zorn is just one columnist. The Tribune endorsed Rauner in 2014 and appears to stand by him: the paper’s editorial board recently characterized him not as “anti-union” but as “pro-taxpayer.” Except for the taypayers who are losing jobs, losing access to social services, and losing opportunities for public higher education.

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