Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dick Cavett on Donald Trump

Dick Cavett writes about “‘Trumpo,’ the Unfunny Marx Brother”:

Lee Iacocca, a truly successful businessman by any standard, declined to run for the highest office, because he knew that there was a fundamental difference between big business and big government. In government, the successful leaders can’t just walk out, or sulk when someone disagrees. To be successful in government, a leader has to build a strong, inclusive coalition. Conversely, in big business, ultimately, the lead dog has to take responsibility and make a decision, and then everybody else has to follow. It’s not a democracy.
Bruce Rauner, former venture capitalist, now Illinois’s governor, is already an officeholder who doesn’t seem to understand the difference between business and government.

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Pete said...

In government, you're also free to generate as much revenue as you wish. But unlike a corporation, your customers won't simply abandon you - they'll storm your house with torches and pitchforks, a maybe also a barrel of hot tar.

Geo-B said...

Funny, as I was reading the quote, my mind went automatically to Rauner, but I see you got it covered.