Friday, April 15, 2016

Zippy ink

[Zippy , April 15, 2016.]

I love the way this strip makes space for whatever is in its maker’s mind. I’m guessing that if Zerbina is worrying, Bill Griffith is worrying, too.

My ink of choice: Aurora black. It’s not a document ink (waterproof). But it’s deep and dark, and it always flows.

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Geo-B said...

Waterman Intense Black

The Crow said...

Perhaps Her Nibs needs to clean her nib?

Michael Leddy said...

George, is Intense Black a new name, or a different ink? I remember Waterman’s black as greyish.

Martha, I think so. Do they have non-sudsing ammonia in the Zippy world? A little of that with water does wonders.

Geo-B said...

I always used Waterman Black and when I went back it cost more and they all have jazzy names, so it might be a marketing thing. I don't think it's grayish anymore.