Thursday, January 19, 2023

Footnoting Zippy

Today’s Zippy, “Hearing Things,” looks at and listens to roadside attractions.

The Big Duck — “Quack!” — is in Flanders, New York.

Our great nation houses many giant chickens and roosters. The bird in today’s Zippy — “Cock-a-doodle-doo!” — looks as if it might be this one, which once stood in Byron Center, Michigan. The page with the photo says chicken, but the photograph’s URL says rooster.

There’s only one Haines Shoe House. It’s in York, Pennsylvania. I’ve passed it dozens of times driving on I-70. Elaine has pointed out that the shoe house is nowhere near I-70. But I know I‘ve seen it. How? When? Dunno. If I see it again, will slow down, roll down the window, and listen carefully — “Florsheim!”

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The Crow said...

The Haines Shoe House is located along US Route 30, east of York. When I first moved to PA, it was a museum, after having served as a business office for the Haines Shoe company. More recently, it was a private residence open for tours by appointment.

When my husband John and I, and toddler daughter, visited the place in the early 70s, I was amazed that anyone could work in the building because the stairwells were so narrow; almost claustrophobic!

I don't even know if it still stands.

Michael Leddy said...

Martha, the link goes to an article from late 2022, and there’s a commercial website , so I’m guessing the shoe is still there.

The Crow said...

Thanks for the pointer, Michael! When the weather improves, family and I will have to revisit. Looks like some restoration and remodeling have been done: I have a vague memory of brickwork, though that might have a painted facade. Regardless, the place looks wonderful.

Michael Leddy said...

Have fun! And if you see Zippy, please say hello for me.