Friday, January 13, 2023

Editing after sending

I updated my iPhone XR yesterday to iOS 16.2 and now have the option to edit text messages after sending them. So often I have corrections to make because of mistyping (my curved index finger too often hits the wrong key) or because dictation has come out garbled. And being the kind of guy I am, I send those corrections in follow-up texts. I respect the reader, though a better sign of respect might be to proofread more carefully before sending. But hey, it’s texting.

Since updating, I’ve had no occasion to edit after sending. I haven’t seen a single mistake, typed or “heard.” But if the phone or I ever do happen to make a mistake again, I am happy to know that editing is now available. As is unsending, for use in more drastic circumstances.

Some dictation failures
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[The recipient of a message must have iOS 16 or later, iPadOS 16 or later, or macOS Ventura for editing and unsending to take effect.]

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