Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Chrome: reduce RAM and CPU usage

I prefer not to use Chrome. But if you use it, you should know how to reduce its RAM and CPU usage with Memory Saver mode.

[From OSXDaily, but the fix works for Windows too.]

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shallnot said...

Thanks for the link. It might prove useful.

When Iread articles like that I like to guess the “punchline”. And for me that had to be:

‘Admittedly, I’m a heavy web browser user, so a common web browsing session for me contains 10-20 browser windows, each with 3-15 tabs’

Too often articles like that suffer from what Toronto, 1960s and ‘70s, ad-man John S. Straiton termed: the Gilbey Effect. His firm had Gilbey’s gin as a client. He figured the ads needed to have people drinking martinis. But he found out that the average buyer of Gilbey’s didn’t drink martinis...but Straiton and his set did...


Michael Leddy said...

True, that’s a crazy number of windows and tabs. But Chrome is widely regarded as a memory hog. I’ve found that it can make a huge demand on resources even with just a handful of tabs open — way more than Safari.