Monday, July 1, 2019


It’s the easy-to-say acronym that’s sweeping this blog post: TSWOCABTTS, pronounced \ ˈswō-ka-bits \.

It is an acronym, not an initialism. The first T is silent, as in General Tso. The letters stand for Television Show Whose Opening Credits Are Better Than The Show.

My nominee: Welome Back, Kotter, whose opening credits I could watch (and have watched) again and again. Elaine’s nomination: The Flintstones. What’s yours?

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Geo-B said...

Well, those mechanical castles and towns unfurling on the early Game of Thrones were pretty enthralling.

Sean said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I couldn't pick only one:

Johhny Staccato (John Cassavetes)

The Avengers (Steed and Emma!)

The Outer Limits (the original series)

That Girl! (first season)

Peter Gunn

Shotgun Slade


Elaine Fine said...


RobP said...


Love Boat

Stefan said...

Dukes of Hazzard
Land of the Lost

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks, everyone, for contributing.

Many of these I haven’t seen. There’s so much on TV!

Sean, I think I share your thinking about Taxi. I have sometimes waited to watch the opening credits before giving up and going to sleep. Bob James’s music is kinda haunting.

Slywy said...

Which Avengers opening? B&W or color? American or British? (There's a color version specific to the States.) I couldn't pick The Avengers because I like the show so much but the credits and the tag for the Avengers with Mrs Peel are priceless. I love the B$W with the vehicles.

What came to my mind first was The Big Bang Theory. I like the song and the little blips of science history.

I had never heard of Branded until about a year ago. The opening got my attention when it came on. (Me-TV?)

Is no one going to say Green Acres or Petticoat Junction???

zzi said...

Whose Opening Credits Are Better Than The Show.
All the shows mentions are not bad, except for "The Love Boat"

Since I love the theme I'm going with this one.
Special quest star!

Slywy said...

The Monkees

I had more but forgot them . . .

Anonymous said...

Barnaby Jones always had the best intro bang for the old man buck.

Michael Leddy said...

Barnaby Jones fans should click on the link in zzi’s comment.