Friday, July 26, 2019

About retronyms

“An unexpected delight of summer”: Caren Lissner writes about retronyms.

As an acoustic guitarist, I like retronyms. Thanks, Murray.

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Stefan said...

I think "ice skate" is my favorite. But it just occurred to me that "wooden bat" is a retronym, thanks to the aluminum version. If that holds up, I'm switching my favorite.

(Oh, and I really enjoyed Ben's piece on Victory Gardens. I'm tempted to pun on the apple falling near the tree, but it is hard to think that you'd be so comfortable as Ben seems in front of the camera.)

Michael Leddy said...

Those bats — I used to hear the clink from my office.

Yes, the apple landed at quite a distance from the tree (or both trees), blown by strong gusts of speech and theater in high school.