Thursday, July 25, 2019

Ben Leddy hosts The Rewind

Here’s “Relax and Enjoy Your Garden,” the latest installment of WGBH’s The Rewind, hosted by our son Ben. Bonus: puns.

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Elaine said...

He looks so much like you!

Michael Leddy said...

Or the other way around: I’m fortunate to look a bit like him. :)

Frex said...

I kind of love Ben.
I feel like someone told him not to wave his hands around so much? and he's holding them down? But it comes through that his lovely enthusiasm is boundless.

I remember that Victory Garden show, though I've never much enjoyed gardening.
Heat. Dirt. Bugs.
Thank goodness for farmers markets, where I can buy the produce someone else sweated over.

(Genetics just go one way, right?)
Frex = Fresca

Michael Leddy said...

That someone was Ben himself. :)