Saturday, July 20, 2019

Ben Leddy hosts The Rewind

Our son Ben is hosting WGBH’s online series The Rewind, an exploration of the WGBH archives. The third episode is here: “The Size of the Universe,” with educational television footage from 1957.

First two episodes: “Tchaikovsky Waits for No Man” and “Tailgating with Table Linens.” Go Ben!

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Fresca said...

What a lovely guy Ben is!
Is he more like you or Elaine? Or both?

I shared this episode on my blog--I've been pondering why so many of my coworkers (and some customers) think the Moon landing was fake. I think part of it is that they didn't grow up watching things like this clip about the size of the universe.
So science and science-fiction are all the same to them, I expect--and something for other people...

Michael Leddy said...

Ben is in many ways like each of us. As Elaine just said, he inherited only our good qualities.

Have you seen this Andy Borowitz item? “Nation Apparently Believed in Science at Some Point”

Michael Leddy said...

Wait — is he like each of us? Or both of us? Each, I think.

Fresca said...

Ha-ha-ha, and that Borowitz Report was out of Minneapolis. :)


Hm, each vs. both... I think either works here, right? It's clear he's like both of you (as separate individuals), not "both" as in "both as a unit".

Anyway, lucky kid, to inherit only his parents' good qualities! And lucky parents, to see yourselves thus reflected!
He truly does come across as a lovely and interesting person in "The Rewind".

Michael Leddy said...

I thought “both” might imply that Elaine and I are very similar. I was overthinking it, a trait I’ve tried to keep to myself. :)

Yes, he’s a good guy, and we’re proud of him and Rachel.

Fresca said...

Ah, yes, I see--"both" in the sense of a unit, as if you and Elaine WERE a unit.

I see so much under-thinking, I have no problem with a little over–.

Michael Leddy said...

I was going to ask how you’d define “a little,” but I’ll restrain myself. :)